Top 10 Reasons

Family with boxes going to the house

Virtually everyone needs to store something at sometime in their personal life or business. We bet you can think of some great reasons, too. Here’s just a sample of what our customers are telling us about their needs.


1. Free up precious closet and garage space
2. Preserve valuable family mementoes or antiques
3. Store furniture while remodeling or staging your home for sale
4. Make room for a child or parent who’ has moved home
5. Keep cherished items from downsizing your home
6. Store seasonal items such as snow mobiles, jet skis, grills, and more

7. Retain vital client records in a secure location while un-cluttering the office
8. Maintain access to the tools needed for a gardening or contracting business
9. Store excess inventory
10. House office equipment and files while moving a business into or out of state

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